Zorg goed voor jezelf! – Effecten van zelfzorg voor en na een operatie

Self-care is anything you do to consciously take care of your physical, mental and emotional health. In order to prepare yourself for surgery and recover from this surgery, it is important that you pay attention and prioritize all three areas.

Physical health – healthy food

Healthy nutrition is one of the essential factors for your physical health. Healthy food is necessary for the body to function. Healthy food ensures that your body is in optimal condition for surgery and has sufficient nutrients to recover after surgery. This way you ensure that there are as few complications as possible in the field of physical health.

The Recover Prepare and Recover After Surgery supplements are specially formulated to replenish those nutrients you need around surgery.

Mental health – mindset and motivation

In the field of mental health, your mindset and intrinsic motivation are important. It is essential that you consciously choose an operation and that you are not motivated by external factors. It is also important that you are aware of the impact of the operation on your mental health. Create a positive mindset. This awareness ensures that you can anticipate your thoughts and beliefs before and after an operation.

Emotional health – what are you feeling?

Finally, it is important to express your emotions and feelings if you find that this is important for your emotional health. Before undergoing a change, such as surgery, it is essential that you are aware of what you are feeling in the here and now: Is there trust or fear? In this way you give space to your emotions and feelings and you decide for yourself which emotions and feelings get your attention.

Be aware: Taking good care of yourself is important for proper preparation for your surgery and recovery.

Written by Jill Zeelig, psychologist affiliated with EsSenSe, specializing in mental health.

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