Recover voor mijn vader – Hij voelt zich veel fitter

Written by Joyce – April 22, 2021

After two years of swallowing problems due to a Zenker diverticulum* in the esophagus, my father could finally be helped by the internist. In itself it is a minor procedure, the endoscopic cleavage of the diverticulum, but because he has not been able to swallow and eat properly for almost two years, he was quite a bit emaciated and less strong and fit.

* Zenker’s diverticulum is a bulge in the esophagus in the form of a pouch.

When I read about Recover I thought: That’s something for my father. Especially because it is difficult to take solid and harder food in the first week after the procedure and you already have a reduced resistance after surgery. And we can’t use that especially in this corona time.

I am very happy that I let my father use Recover After Surgery after his surgery. Unfortunately, I had read it too late, otherwise we would certainly have been able to optimally prepare his body with Recover Prepare two weeks before his operation.

He ate it in yogurt every day for two weeks. The taste was good and it recovered very quickly. He feels much fitter than before the operation. The fact that the swallowing problem has now been solved has of course also contributed to this.

At the age of 72, he had to go to the doctor for his three monthly blood tests three weeks after the operation. And his blood results were exemplary too!

For me proof that healthy nutrition and consciously working on recovery can really make the difference!

Joyce – April 2021